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Getting The Most Out of Our Time Together

Having a portrait session is a special event.  I want to know what your goals and vision are as well as your worries and apprehensions.  To get the most out of our time together a pre-session consultation in person or by phone is crucial.  If  talking on the phone while  little ones are running around is difficult or almost impossible not to worry.  Between email and text messages we’ll find a way to make it work.

Pre – Session Consultation

Included in your photography session is a pre-session consultation. Having professional portraits done whether its the first time or not can be a little intimidating.  What to wear, the perfect location and how much make up you should wear are all questions that many people have but aren’t sure where to turn.   During our Pre-Session meeting we’ll cover that and more.  Whether our meeting is by phone,via text message, at your home or over coffee at Starbucks, I’ll answer all of those questions and a few more.Meeting you  + your family is a great way to prepare for your session.

Styling Tips For You and Your Family.
One of the most important questions to ask yourself is how will you enjoy your pictures?   A canvas wrap for a certain room in your home? A card for a special event or holiday?  Facebook or other social media website?  Knowing what you’ll do with your portraits will help you prepare and plan.

In a word, Pinterest.  Pinterest can help you with everything from wardrobe ideas to photography styles and location.  Start a board just for your session and pin away. Don’t be like me and wait until the day of your session to figure things out.  It may all work out but why create more stress for yourself.

You:  Start by showing off your personality.  Layering and accessories look great in photographs.  A cute jacket, scarf, vest, tie, leggings under a skirt or a collared shirt.  Think about textures such as leather, corduroy, or denim.  Don’t forget about your feet.  Wear socks and shoes that blend with your outfit sometimes is best to go barefoot, weather permitting. Where there is a rule, there is someone there to break it.  If you’re a shoe girl, by all means.  throw those red pumps on and be ready to be on the catwalk.

The most important thing to remember is to wear what is comfortable and what makes you feel like a million bucks.

Your family:  Start with the person who has the most limited wardrobe or is hardest to dress then go from there.  Remember, you don’t have to completely match each other.  Choose 2-4 complimentary colors and stick with them.  It’s okay to have a few people wear a pattern as long as they compliment each other and don’t make one person stick out.

Choose cloths that are fun and comfortable for your child to wear.  If your child is uncomfortable or hates their outfit there’s a good chance they’re unhappiness will show up in their photographs.  Avoid characters and writing on clothing and remember to think about complimenting colors….earthtones, pastels, jewel tones etc.