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Just for Seniors: About your session

Relax!  Having fun and relaxing is an enormous part of getting great images.  Having said that, there are a few things to remember:

When choosing outfits be sure they make you look good, feel great and fit well.  Many clients have at least two wardrobe changes. One casual and the other a little more dressy.  I recently heard a great tip for girls from a fellow photographer:  “Go glam!  Where those heels.  You probably spent over $100 on your prom dress. Why not wear it again”?  I couldn’t agree more!  Second, be sure what you choose is clean, wrinkle free and if you haven’t worn the outfit before,  try it on at least a week before the session.  Have mom or a friend snap a few shots to be sure you look as amazing as you think you will.

Accessories like hats and jewelry really add interest to an image but consider sticking with classic not too trendy.  Definitely avoid clothing with graphics and wording. Layering looks great when it’s not overdone. Having said all of that, your own personal style should come through.

If you’re doing your own makeup it should be slightly more than what you would normally use. (About 30%) Avoid clumpy mascara and foundation with SPF. Remember to blend,blend, blend!  Do not be concerned with a minor breakout and whatever you do, don’t pick! Picking will cause redness in the surrounding are and make it difficult to touch up or remove altogether.  Consider having your hair and makeup done professionally.

Ladies, don’t forget your nails. Neutral colors work best and watch for chips, they will show.  Fellas, shave carefully.  The camera will see what you’ve missed.  Give yourself plenty of time on the day of your session.  Being late cuts into your camera time and we want you to be RELAXED.  I am definitely relaxed and easy going.  If you have an idea, I want to hear about it.

Props are fun and can help you feel more comfortable.  A cute hat, a quilt, musical instrument or sports related item like a ball or all work well.

It’s your story, lets tell it!


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